The laboratories of this company are supported by joint laboratories of Ettehad Industrial Group and have a certificate of qualification according to the standard ISO 17025 They are now among the top laboratories of the country's automobile industry. Ettehad Movalled Niroo uses the most advanced equipment in the world in various laboratory tests.


دستگاه تست صدا
Ettehad Movalled Niroo laboratory, sound test device, this device is used to control the sound of the starter
دستگاه سختی سنجی
Ettehad Movalled Niroo Laboratory, Hardness measuring device from this device to control the hardness of steels and metals
دسگاه آون
Ettehad Movalled Niroo Laboratory, of Avon device uses this device to perform thermal tests of input parts and
دستگاه اندازه گیری ابعادی VMM
Ettehad Movlled Niroo Laboratory, VMM Measuring machine from this machine for dimensional control of all parts
دستگاه Bar To Bar
Ettehad Movlled Niroo Laboratory, Bar To Bar test, this device is used to control the lameness of the armature collector surface
دستگاه تست عملکرد دینام
Ettehad Movlled Niroo Laboratory, Dynamo Performance Test, use this device to perform a test on the Dynamo
دستگاه سالت اسپری
The Ettehad Movlled Niroo laboratory, uses the Salt Spray device to resist corrosion of parts
دستگاه زبری سنج
Ettehad Movlled Niroo Laboratory, roughness measuring device from this device to control the surface roughness of the input parts
دستگاه اندازه گیری نیرو
Ettehad Movlled Niroo laboratory, digital power meter device is one of the devices used to measure forces